Santa Fé Aquarius Multi-Market Investment Fund

The firm's objective is to act on the following markets: stocks, commodities, financials and their derivatives in Brazil and abroad, including purchasing, sale, covering, hedging, spreads and arbitrage, following capital allocation methodologies with rigorous risk control.

A global trend over the past few years points to investors seeking out socially responsible and sustainable companies, in the belief that, in the long run, these companies will be more apt to face up to economic, social and environmental threats. Such actions are known as “socially responsible investing” (“SRI”); our management practices at SF Aquarius reflect this profile; for this reason, the fund only invests in companies included in the ISE – Corporate Sustainability Index, implemented by BOVESPA. The index is composed of a select group of companies, highly committed in terms of sustainability and social responsibility. Consideration is given in decision-making process to the answers provided by companies to the annual questionnaire formulated by the CDP – Carbon Disclosure Project concerning the emission of gasses contributing to the greenhouse effect, and strategies concerning climate change management.

Yields above mid and long term fixed income securities rates with low volatility are expected.

“Careful attention to the rules section of the investment fund prospect is recommended to clients prior to any investment decision. Multi-market funds may be overexposed to concentration in stocks by few issuers, generating a vulnerability to risks. Investment funds are not guaranteed by the fund Administrator or by the Portfolio Manager or by any insurance mechanism or by Funds Credit Assurer. (Inst. CVM 302 art. 76)."

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