In April 2008, SANTA FÉ became a signatory to CDP – Carbon Disclosure Project, whose mission is to facilitate a dialog between investors and companies, backed by high quality information in search of rational answers to global climate change. The goal is to gradually improve information on CO2 emissions and climate strategies, as well as initiate long-term plans. CDP offers a Coordination Secretariat and an innovative forum for both investors and companies to collaborate on climate-related issues. Based on answers provided by the companies to their questionnaire, CDP offers the investment community information concerning greenhouse relevant gas emissions and administrative climate-change strategies. Through its data bank, this information is available for comparative analysis, adding value to investors and to a wide range of interested parties.

Carbon Disclosure Project launches Global Report

The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) launched the Global Report 2008, on 22 September 2008, at the investment bank Merry Lynch in New York (USA). The IBRI is the president of the plan to expand the CDP Latin America, which started in 2008, contacting three new countries: Mexico, Chile and Argentina. The CDP - largest coalition of investors in the world - aims to seek the greater number of disclosure information about climate changes and shareholder value of global companies. In 2007, these investors, who manage around U.S. $ 57 trillion in financial assets, requested information of 2,400 companies requiring to measure and report their emissions of greenhouse gases and report their strategies for dealing with the opportunities and the risks associated with climate change. The information obtained will be placed CDP website, the largest database of corporate information on climate change of the world. Last year, the project was launched in five new geographic areas and expanded its scope in many of the existing ones.